We are Futugrid

We are filling the quickly changing and growing demand of power while whole power system and energy production turns towards renewable sources.

Our goal is to become:

TOP3 demand response company in Europe

Leader of connecting households to virtual powerplants

Data hub for goods and service providers

This is our market and our share of the market 2026:

Europe: €4bn

Futugrid: €50m

Baltic states: €150m

Futugrid: €15m

Increasing grid efficiency and sustainability. Saving money. Creating value for everyone.

Machine learning cloud-based solution

Fully automated realtime operating system

Instant monitoring of connected devices

Easy to integrate to any European power grid

Reliable partner for power system operator

Fast and flexible power management

Instant information about available power

Beneficial for every household

Well-designed plug-and-play device

Lower power costs

Device monitoring

Valuable data provider

Aggregated data third parties (device manufacturers, grid managers, services)

Useful data about devices to end users


Our current team



What Makes us the Best

To achieve the targets set for 2023, we are looking for value adding investors like You to participate in our convertible note bridge round:

Target: € 1 000 000
Pre-money: € 10 000 000

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