Energy grids of the future

Futugrid develops smart devices and a platform to make your energy use support a stable grid.

Modern grid can't rely on outdated solutions.

Renewable energy’s unpredictability challenges the stability of the power grid, leading to blackouts. Conventional systems struggle to cope with rising renewables, jeopardizing supply security.

Global energy demand will surge by 60% by 2040. Simply boosting production won’t suffice for grid stability.

Imagine a world where your electricity remains stable, bills are manageable, and blackouts are rare.

Futugrid connects the devices of tens of thousands of households to an intelligent software and has the ability to turn off certain electrical devices for a short critical time. It does not cause any inconvenience to users, but it makes a huge difference in energy grid balance.

Our technology

  • Machine learning cloud-based solution
  • Reliable partner for power system operator
  • Solution can be customized to your needs
  • Beneficial for every household Valuable data provider


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