Take a lead in energy efficency

Futugrid’s cloud-based platform optimizes electricity consumption and grid frequency balancing.

For partners

Machine learning cloud-based solution

  • Fully automated real-time operating system
  • Instant monitoring of connected devices
  • Easy to integrate to any European power grid

Reliable partner for power system operator

  • Fast and flexible power management
  • Instant information about available power

Valuable data provider

  • Aggregated data third parties (device manufacturers, grid managers, services)

For households

Easy to handle device

  • Well-designed plug-and-play device for electric water heater and radiators
  • Easy device monitoring and data gathering

Reduced power costs

  • Automatic shutdown for electrical devices during critical times
  • Does not cause any inconvenience to users

Trustworthy and reliable

  • Customer support available to assist with device installation
  • Safeguarding of users against data breaches

Futugird today

We create a fast-responding system that ensures the stability and security of the electricity system.

Our aim:

TOP3 demand response company in Europe.

Leader of connecting households to virtual powerplants.

Data hub for goods and service providers.

Target markets:

Europe: €6bn

Futugrid: € 360m

Baltic states: €150m

Futugrid: € 9m

The team

Our team is made up of dedicated, experienced professionals with a passion for new-generation power grids and innovation.

Toomas Valge20220112115118

Toomas Valge

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Leino Schnur20220112085744

Leino Schnur

Head of R&D, Co-founder
Igor Maksimov20220112130653

Igor Maksimov

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Kadi Saks20220112130450

Kadi Saks

Chief Financial Officer, Co-founder
Argo Aava20220112130721

Argo Aava

Software Team Lead
Mairo Leier20220112130224

Mairo Leier

Hardware Team Lead
Tanel Kübarsepp20220112130614

Tanel Kübarsepp

Head of Engineering
Jüri Luud20220112080740

Jüri Luud