Smart and flexible power grid!

Futugrid makes the grid resilient to energy crisis challenges

The modern power grid cannot be based on yesterday's solution.

The Futugrid solution connects TSOs, electricity sellers, and households into a unified system, creating quick reaction reserves to support power grid stability continuously.

The problem:

Renewable energy production is unpredictable and non controllable to meet the power grid system’s requirements and needs. The stability of the grid is under great pressure! Conventional power systems with dramatically increasing renewable energy production are not able to provide security of supply, resulting in an unstable power grid and blackouts.

Need for energy:

At current rates, global energy demand will increase by 60% until 2040. Only increasing production capacity is not sustainable and will not be sufficient to maintain power grid stability. The invasion of battery-electric vehicles, for example, only exacerbates the problem.

The solution is energy demand response

The Futugrid solution is a new-generation intelligent platform connecting prosumers to the smart grid and having the ability to control certain electrical devices for a short critical period. Many household appliances, especially electrical water heaters and other HVAC appliances, have a very high inertia, and a couple of minutes without power do not cause the least inconvenience to users.

Futugrid today

We are developing a quick-response reserve capacity to contribute to power system security of supply.

Our goal is to become:

TOP3 demand response company in Europe

Leader of connecting households to virtual powerplants

Data hub for goods and service providers

The market and targets:

Europe: € 6bn

Futugrid: € 360m

Baltic states: € 150m

Futugrid: € 9m

Increasing grid efficiency and sustainability. Saving money. Creating value for everyone.

Machine learning cloud-based solution

Fully automated realtime operating system

Instant monitoring of connected devices

Easy to integrate to any European power grid

Reliable partner for power system operator

Fast and flexible power management

Instant information about available power

Beneficial for every household

Well-designed plug-and-play device

Lower power costs

Device monitoring

Valuable data provider

Aggregated data third parties (device manufacturers, grid managers, services)

Useful data about devices to end users


Join our journey

To achieve the targets set for 2024, we are looking for investors like you to participate in our convertible note bridge round:

Target: € 1 000 000
Pre-money: € 10 000 000

The team

Our team is made up of dedicated, experienced professionals with a passion for new-generation power grids and innovation.

Toomas Valge20220112115118

Toomas Valge

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Leino Schnur20220112085744

Leino Schnur

Head of R&D, Co-founder
Igor Maksimov20220112130653

Igor Maksimov

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Kadi Saks20220112130450

Kadi Saks

Chief Financial Officer, Co-founder
Argo Aava20220112130721

Argo Aava

Software Team Lead
Mairo Leier20220112130224

Mairo Leier

Hardware Team Lead
Tanel Kübarsepp20220112130614

Tanel Kübarsepp

Head of Engineering
Jüri Luud20220112080740

Jüri Luud